Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Last Day in L'estruch

Last night I skipped my 'performance' for the final day of my -mini-residency.  I chose to skip in the studio space, aided by a spot light which spotted the center of the studio, and lit a black floor.  I skipped towards a corner of the room, facing a wall.  The visitors came, some sat and others walked in and out of the space.  There were some silent moments, but at times this was broken by my son's voice, calling out for his dad, surely in some kind of confusion.  What did he see, I imagine now:

A rope, cord, something long being held by his dad, and it just kept going up and down, and around vertically.  It hit the floor repetitively and made noise, but it also made noise in the air, like it was whistling. Sometimes this thing moved fast and at other times it moved a bit slower and his dad would jump up and down, up and down.  His dad often moved forwards and at times backwards, never quite reaching the spot light which slightly hid his figure but gave off a shadow which amused him.

"I wanted to run to my dad, but was scared of that 'thing', that it would hurt me, as at times it seemed to be hurting my dad.  He was all sweaty and he often bent his head as if really tired.  I wanted him to stop really, so I could explore this 'thing', and, really, explore my dad.  Not sure if I had ever seen him like this.  He was alone, and very wet and no one was getting close to him, not even mummy.  There were times when it felt like he was going to stop, but he continued to jump, though much slower than in the beginning. Then he stopped for a second and grabbed another 'thing', with this one he moved slower, I guess it was heavier - and it must have hurt, cause sometimes it hit him and he would stop for a moment.  And then he stopped doing it altogether and bent his body.  He was breathing very hard, very hard, but he had  finally dropped that 'thing' and I went to it, grabbed it and smiled at my dad.  I couldn't make it move like my dad, and it seemed much bigger now.  I still don't know why he did all that stuff, the people didn't even clap like they do in a show, or say 'very good'...but he did smile at me and after a few minutes stood straight up, and the lights came on, and the big light in the middle went off.'

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