Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Boxer

When I am in training I must focus on the coming challenge, I must prepare myself for a confrontational experience; what often happens when I am in a bout is I am confronting myself; really!

When the boxer is in training she must mentally prepare herself to such an affect that she anticipates herself, for her opponent, though metaphysically different, is just like her – a boxer.  Her opponent often encompasses the same strategies and tools needed for preparation, so that what we have in training is the self often facing the self. 

One of the most meditative periods in a boxers training is when she is jump-roping.  This act has many imperatives, often recognized only to those who practice the sport. With its essential guise it actually balances all areas of the working body, working the synchronic level the physical boxer needs to attain equilibrium in the ring...the ring is the stage.

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