Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Heart Pumps, the Sun Returns...

As the heart begins to beat faster, the lungs fill with oxygen.  The breathing intensifies, the heart beats with rhythmic pace; the body moves further to another space.  The space fills your mind and the body follows as the muscles question.  The heart feeds them blood; the blood is full of oxygen.  The nose breathes, the molecules enter, the smells heighten and the trees move.  The air sings, the clouds cover while the sun hides and the day cools; for a moment.  The nose widens and the hairs stiffen; the blood pumps.  The grip livens around the rope, the will pushes and pulls, the mouth opens and the breath widens. The sweat opens while the ears sharpen, and the toes relax.  I breathe strong and then soft, soft is softer and relaxes my heart.  The rope strikes my forearm and it stings, the pain pulls, my mouth opens and the breathe fills.  The heart hears and the muscle convulses.  The rope stops, the feet rest and the heart warns.  The blood coagulates and my forearm swells; and the sun returns. 

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