Thursday, June 7, 2012

In the Studio

Much of my work consists of time in the studio, painting, reading and researching.  My skipping project is something which connects me to the outside, in many ways the outside that is not literal but internal, and often external to the extreme.  But I also mean the literal outside, the air, the sun, wind, people, places and architecture.  Yet today it has been interesting bringing my skipping activities into the studio.  I have to say that at times it is great to not have the sun burning your back, but I do often miss the wind.  The outside is the ideal, but the inside can often be a space of thought and calculated work; such as the photographs in this entry.

In this particular studio there is an interest in the shared space.  I am, after all, in a mini-residency, one I am enjoying as a collective project.  There are different actuations around, words, thoughts, 'things' from other participations, this then becomes, and influences, the thinking of the skipping.  The floor is smooth, black and cool.  The windows tall and very clean, allowing the Catalan sun to sneak in enough to make you feel awake, and alive.  The ceilings hangs old pyramid style, with flies up high looking down, I am sure, in confusion, at times resting on the strong wooden structures which hold all these studios up.  In here there is not an 'Otherness' of escape, mostly that of the artist's work, my contemplations are often fixed and directed.  But I can't deny how I most often think of my paintings in these spaces instead of my skipping (and this is while I skip), how physical space is that which often think about the most, to walk in, step back in, move, tilt and hang big paintings in, but also how the space can function in many other ways and as many other things, a place to listen to music, have conversations, lay down, eat lunch, or even, workout!

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