Friday, June 8, 2012

Will I/She Ever be Ready?

I begin jumping this rope with no outward attention placed on the viewer, I become removed and concentrative.  I place my goal on distance and endurance; I want to mentally prepare myself for some of the battles out there for the war is too big to think of now.  But the realization lies in the obvious, I am not out there I am in here, supposedly, and securely, safe from…  So too I am safe when in my room, where I jump for fitness and mental distance; the fertilizing grounds for such projects, so I am safe then...!

She said that this was her metaphor for dealing with the silent bullets which infiltrate her psyche whenever she steps outside, damaging her electrodes, her stability and often leaving her mute and internally question-full.  She said she will fight with all her might, with all her might, with all her might, but first she must train.  Like the boxer she must devote her time towards strengthening her inner eye to sights so minute they are beginning to be like germs, there but note seen – she hopes they are there, yet doesn’t want them there.

She jumps on, feeling the pinch on the back of her ankles, is it really her Achilles hill, will it really be her weakness.  She notices ever so often, when her concentration is broken off by sudden movements from the peripheral, that she’s getting really tired, really, really tired.

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